CMS Development

Sometimes installing a content management system, or CMS, can be intimidating or just plain time consuming. You have to download the package files and ‘unzip’ them into the proper directory and then set the permissions on the proper files.

Oftentimes you also need to edit the code. Need help with this?

SelectivePixel can install, upgrade, or convert your system to another platform as well as install add-ons and modules that increase the functionality of your site. We have worked with the following managements systems and e-commerce platforms:

  • WordPress (It’s what we use!) Best for blogging and small-medium platforms.
  • Joomla – Popular for larger, content heavy sites with active development and a large user base.
  • vBulletin – Popular bulletin board and forum software.
  • Drupal – Another CMS that has a large following.
  • StoreFront – E-commerce software based on .NET
  • OsCommerce – Open source e-commerce system.

If you have custom requirements on these – or any other systems – contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project. Do you want your customers to purchase items from your site? Do you want PayPal functionality or even custom contact forms installed?